World Wildlife Fund Announces Food Waste Warrior Program [Climate Correction™ 2023 Panel]

Reducing food waste is increasingly being recognized as an effective and non-controversial solution to reduce GHG emissions; ease pressure on land and water ecosystems used for food production; and alleviate global food insecurity. WWF’s national Food Waste Warriors program has landed in Orlando, and aims to inspire local K-12 students to take the lead in developing a more circular food system.


Alex Nichols-Vinueza, Manager of Food Waste Programs, WWF

Alex supports the US Food Waste team’s portfolio of projects at WWF, including work with the agricultural, grocery retail, hospitality and food service sectors. He is the team lead for the Food Waste Warrior program, which empowers students and teachers to learn about the food system by measuring and reducing their schools’ food waste. He has recently helped to lead a coalition of environmental NGOs to develop a policy action plan for Congress and the Biden-Harris administration to reduce US food loss & waste by 50% by 2030. He previously spent 12 years in project and partner management across tech, government, and sustainability consulting in Colombia, the US, and Central America.

Shannon Maganiezin, Press, PR & Podcast Director, VoLo Foundation

Shannon is a world-class and seasoned climate communications professional. After bringing VoLo online through web and social media strategy, she led the creation of VoLo Climate News and is now host of Climate Correction Podcast. With a deep understanding of human psychology and detailed organization her work is cutting-edge, moving and effective. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science dual degree in Psychology and Sociology from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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