Youth Activist Series: Sean Schrader

Sean Schrader is currently in the final year of his MBA program at the University of South Florida and has been fortunate to call the Tampa Bay region home throughout his entire life. While pursuing his MBA, and previously his undergraduate degree in business management, Sean has been afforded opportunities for service within government, education, and nonprofit areas where he has strived to create tangible impacts.

For the last year, Sean served as the District Office Manager for now-former US Congressman Charlie Crist, playing an important role in overseeing the Congressman’s work and involvement in various areas within the Pinellas County community. Additionally, Sean served as the Campus Governor at the USF St. Petersburg campus where he led efforts to implement positive actions related to sustainability, student engagement, and community involvement.

In partnership with Sean’s team and community partners, the installation of a WATERGOAT device in the St. Petersburg marina has been recognized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research as an example of creating partnerships to achieve the SDGs.

Sean has also served as a fellow with the Millennium Fellowship, where his passion for sustainable development first began.

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