Youth Activist Series: Sofia Arnau

Sofia Arnau, a 17-year-old junior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and a driving force for change in her community. Holding the position of Vice President at the Miami Youth Climate Summit, Sofia leads the charge in raising awareness and mobilizing youth for climate action.

Beyond her role at MYCS, Sofia is also the Consulting Director for Turtle Team, demonstrating her commitment to protecting local wildlife and ecosystems. Her dedication is further exemplified by her position as the Historian for the Science National Honor Society at Miami Palmetto Senior High.

In addition to her impressive academic and extracurricular achievements, Sofia is currently serving as an FXB Fall 2023 Climate Advocate, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. Building on her passion she has created TerraServe, an environmental organization committed to promoting the full range of careers in sustainability. Sofia’s vision for TerraServe is poised to make a significant impact on environmentalism in the Miami area and beyond.

Sofia Arnau is an inspiring young leader with a clear mission: to foster a sustainable, environmentally conscious future for her community and the world, embodying dedication and passion in her pursuits.

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