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Floridians’ concerns over extreme weather and sea level rise, as well as the public health and economic threats posed by climate change, are reaching a tipping point. This creates an opportunity for the state’s elected officials to step into leadership roles in advancing climate action.  

VoLo Foundation’s contribution in 2022 and 2023 aimed to harness the power of data science to improve the health and well-being of communities most harmed by pollution. Environmental Defense Fund‘s (EDF) VoLo Senior Data Scientist Lauren Padilla and her team are analyzing a variety of significant datasets to better understand pollution sources and their impact on people’s health. 

VoLo’s previous grantmaking to EDF provided critical support needed to open a Florida office focused on raising the stakes for leaders and making climate action a priority. EDF’s Florida team has catalyzed leadership in key regions across the state and expanded capacity for communicating with the public and key decision-makers. VoLo Foundation’s investment in Florida has generated new energy among EDF members and their student and parent organizing affiliates: Defend Our Future and Mom’s Clean Air Force. 

In previous years, EDF hosted several well-attended online events, including ‘Is My Child’s Health at Risk from Climate Change?’ with Thais Lopez Vogel and ‘Turning Climate Risk into Climate Progress’ with David S. Vogel.  

Additionally, in collaboration with Sachamama and Environmental Defense Fund, VoLo Foundation provided support to #InMyShoes, an immersive experience where participants can explore first-hand the beauty and sacredness of Florida´s natural ecosystems, currently threatened by climate inaction. 

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