Florida International University (FIU) – Department of Earth and Environment

VoLo Foundation is proud to support FIU’s Environmental Finance & Risk Management program that uses financial modeling and environmental science to train the world’s future workforce to assess, manage and reduce the risks associated with major environmental challenges such as climate change and sea-level rise. It is the first-ever integrated, holistic, cross-disciplinary training to prepare ‘green financial engineers’ who will understand financial/natural system interactions to better assist in managing society’s environmental risks. 

Across atmospheric, Earth, and environmental sciences, Florida International University’s Department of Earth and Environment provides hands-on instruction in field and laboratory techniques as well as training in effective policy and management decision-making. The program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to find sustainable solutions to environmental problems. 

VoLo Foundation 2023 Intern 

Lauren DeVito is a PhD candidate studying renewable energy issues in the state of Florida and is working alongside Professor Mario Loyola and Silvio Pupo-Casco of Florida International University’s Environmental Finance and Risk Management Program. In collaboration with the CLEO Institute, Lauren is using a data-driven approach to identify and analyze the barriers to renewable energy and utility transition in Florida. Her work is expected to inform actions and policy aimed at achieving net zero emissions. 

VISTA Award Winner 

The VISTA Award is VoLo Foundation’s latest recognition. Each year, VoLo recognizes a full-time graduate student attending a U.S.-based university or college with a $10,000 grant to further develop their project. Nadia Seeteram, Earth System Science, 3rd year PhD Candidate at FIU won the 2021 VISTA Award for her project, ‘Resilience for Whom? A Climate Mobility Framework for Evaluating Equity Outcomes in Climate Change Adaptation.’ 

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2023 Annual Report

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