New York University (NYU)

With a shared passion for the planet and research around climate change, VoLo Foundation supports The Courant Institute and made a five-year commitment in 2020 to support a doctoral fellow at NYU’s Courant’s Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science (CAOS). In September of 2020, Laure Zanna began working alongside VoLo Doctoral Fellow Andrew Brettin to focus on developing data-driven models to understand and predict sea level extremes on the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. East Coast. 

Figures 1 and 2 below include the dataset provided by NYU’s first-year program report. 


Credits: Brettin, Falasca, Zanna, work in progress (NYU, Courant)

VoLo Foundation trustee, David S. Vogel, said this about the partnership, “Understanding sea level change is critical to climate focused solutions. My family and I consider it an honor to give to this important initiative. With the growing awareness of the threat from rising seas, these findings will benefit researchers for years to come and could lead to solutions for slowing sea level rise. To support this work at my alma-mater, and even my parent’s alma-mater, creates generational impact. My wife -Thais Lopez Vogel- and I, through VoLo Foundation, are proud to partner with NYU to make it happen.”


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