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In partnership with Ohio State University, VoLo Foundation supports the scientific research of the Byrd Center Ice Core Paleoclimate Research Center for ice core drilling projects, ice core analysis, student participation in the research, and long-term storage of the ice under the direction of Drs. Lonnie G. Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson.

For over 30 years, research partners Lonnie Thompson (Ph.D., geology, 1976) and Ellen Mosley-Thompson (Ph.D., geography, 1979) have traveled the globe gathering clues to get a more definitive picture of our planet’s climate system.

Dr. Thompson’s research article “Unique Collections of 14C-Dated Vegetation Reveal Mid-Holocene Fluctuations of the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru”, was selected for featuring as an Editor’s Highlight and has been published on Eos.org.

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