Grounded in cultural heritage, Sachamama is a non-profit organization working to build support for a clean energy economy for all while cultivating sustainable attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles. In partnership with Ocean Conservancy, VoLo’s support helps Sachamama to connect communities, particularly Latinx communities, to ocean health, climate change, and biodiversity in order to spur actions and policies to protect marine ecosystems. 

VoLo Foundation Trustee, Thais Lopez Vogel, was recognized alongside the top 100 Latinos in the fight against climate change during Sachamama’s No Planet B Summit.

In collaboration with Sachamama and Environmental Defense Fund, VoLo Foundation provided support to #InMyShoes, an immersive experience where participants can explore first-hand the beauty and sacredness of Florida´s natural ecosystems, currently threatened by climate inaction.

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