University of Central Florida

Located in metropolitan Orlando, The University of Central Florida is a thriving preeminent research university. The ultimate goal of the university is to become a top-tier research institution by creating opportunity through access, partnerships, interdisciplinary collaborations, and engagement. 

VoLo Foundation supports Innovation Projects like Women in STEM and the First Generation Scholarship Program. In 2018 VoLo organized a Climate Conference, the first of its kind in the entire state of Florida, and in 2019 we strengthened our commitment hosting the Second Annual Climate Correction Conference™. 

In 2020, VoLo Foundation partnered with WUCF to educate PBS viewers about climate change, climate correction, and improving the overall health of our shared community. The important work of VoLo Foundation is introduced to WUCF’s millions of viewers across Central Florida through Think Wednesdays. Featuring two of their highest rated programs, Nova and Nature, it’s the weekly destination for the best science and nature programs, offering new perspectives on life in the universe, feeding viewers’ curiosity, and keeping them coming back week-after-week to find the smart, fascinating, educational content they love. 

On campus, across the country, and all around the world, on April 7, 2022, University of Central Florida alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends rallied to participate in the school’s Day of Giving. VoLo Foundation supported their academic programs, life-changing scholarships, innovative research, and student support funds to help UCF raise over $3.7 million.  

VoLo’s 2022 support to UCF Foundation helps to provide funding for the following programs: 

  • Women in STEM 
  • Fin-Tech program 
  • First Gen scholarships 
  • AD Fund 
  • The Johnson Scholars Foundation provides a dollar-for-dollar match to support scholarships for students with disabilities. 
  • First generation scholarships which are eligible for a 2:1 match by the State. 
  • CECS Outreach 
  • Football – General Support 
  • Upstarts Student Venture Accelerator 
  • Student Accessibility Services and Inclusive Education 

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