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World Wildlife Fund


WWF is in partnership with the Colombian government to protect 49.5 million acres of natural forest. Our grants support the collection and analysis of data that is used to build a scientific case for forest conservation as a viable approach to large-scale climate change mitigation. Photo © Luc Deslarzes / WWF

The Nature Conservancy


TNC has launched an education outreach project called LEAF (Leadership in Environmental Action for the Future). Our partnership offers paid summer internships to youth from urban communities, which in turn opens their eyes to career options, builds self-confidence, and teaches conservation literacy.

The CLEO Institute


The CLEO Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization exclusively dedicated to climate change education, engagement, and advocacy. We support the work of Caroline Lewis, who in 2010 set-up headquarters in Miami-Florida and started to work with frontline communities and their leaders to build climate literacy. CLEO highlights the urgency of climate action and impact policy while championing solutions for a resilient future.



Amplio is an organization that works with UNICEF, World Health Organization, and many other partners to bring knowledge and new skills to inhabitants of remote areas of underdeveloped countries. Amplio provides families with smart-tech talking books programmed with agriculture to health education. Recipient families gain knowledge on how to grow more food for their communities and how to keep their families safe from disease. Amplio is also able to track user data and analytics. To date, the Talking Book program has reached over 400,000 people in Africa and will reach 500,000 by the end of 2018.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Researchers at MIT’s Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment (LAE) have extensive expertise in analyzing the atmospheric impacts of aviation, transportation, and other emission sources. We supported MIT’s first facility-level analysis of health impacts due to air quality surrounding facilities owned or operated by the FTSE Russell-1000 Index. The results of this analysis showed that 6,760 premature mortalities are caused by emissions from the identified facilities, with the utility sector being the most significant contributor. In 2018 our support has grown to enable Susan Solomon’s leading research on the irreversibility of global warming linked to anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, and on the influence of the ozone hole on the climate of the southern hemisphere.

Environmental Defense Fund


EDF is one of the most versatile programs we support. With helpful hands in projects like climate and energy, oceans, ecosystems, and health, EDF finds practical and lasting solutions to the most severe environmental problems. We specifically support EDF’s efforts in securing strong greenhouse gas emission rules domestically, as well as developing standards for transparency and accountability in the oil and gas sector. In 2018, we have expanded our support to include the hiring and employment of their VoLo Data Fellowship to oversee EDF’s air quality initiative. EDF has, and continues to gather high-resolution spatiotemporal air pollution data. They have developed methodologies to analyze these data, and the Fellowship will derive meaningful insights by identifying persistent spatial air pollution trends. This Fellowship is also embarking on an effort to automate and scale data analytics in the air quality domain.

JUST Capital

We support JUST Capital’s effort to bring transparency into America’s workforce. JUST Capital ranks the largest publicly traded U.S. corporations on worker pay and treatment, customer respect, product quality and environmental impact. Our partnership with JUST Capital is commencing to build the first ever interactive online data center, which will detail the regional environmental health footprint of the largest companies in America. This means that anyone will be able to better understand the serious human health impacts and engage with the responsible corporations. 

Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.


NRDC develops and uses data and science to unearth the root causes of the problems that confront us in the area of climate change. Their work has helped pass important environmental protection laws. We have been working with David Doniger's team in the Climate & Clean Energy program to encourage the activities in the Montreal Protocol process, within India and the United States.  We support quantitative analyst research and the creation of analytical tools to promote reducing emissions from HFCs in China, India and the United States. 

Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program


SGRP is housed within the Harvard University Center for the Environment. We support SGRP’s work to advance natural and social science research on solar geoengineering, a set of emerging technologies that could reflect a small fraction of sunlight back to space to cool the planet and potentially partially offset some of the impacts of climate change. Solar geoengineering could not be a replacement for reducing emissions (mitigation) or coping with a changing climate (adaptation); yet, it could supplement these efforts.

Punahou School


Punahou School has always been a trailblazer in the world of education. The K-12 School serving 3,760 students is now re-envisioning its historic 176 acre campus with sustainability in mind. Our partnership has seen the establishment of Punahou’s first net-zero facilities on campus. Once complete, The Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Grades 2-5 Community will be 9 buildings constructed with ecologically sourced materials and local labor in conjunction with green and zero-emission design to achieve net-zero energy consumption, and an environment that intentionally teaches its youngest learners how to care for the planet.

Camp Boggy Creek


We support Camp Boggy Creek, which is located just a short drive from Orlando, Florida. Since 1996, Camp Boggy Creek has made it possible for children with serious illnesses to enjoy a camp experience in a safe, medically-sound environment. The 232-acre camp serves children ages 7-16 who’ve been diagnosed with chronic or life-threatening conditions. Camp is a magical place where children are encouraged to explore new things and “just be kids”, meanwhile they discover they are not alone on their journey. 



AMAR is the premier charity rebuilding lives in Iraq. They implement permanent, local solutions that ensure all people have access to essential services and economic opportunity. For over 25 year they have provided professional health, education, and community development projects on a sustained and lasting basis to refugees, internally displaced persons, and Iraqi communities. Today they serve tens of thousands of people each year through medical consultations, human rights projects, job-skill training courses, and much more.

Coalition for the Homeless


We help the growing Central Florida branch sustain its operations. The organization works to combat poverty and homelessness caused by loss of income, low wages or unemployment, lack of affordable housing, domestic violence, addiction, or mental illness. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation


Our partnership is with the Central & Northern Florida chapter. We help support their mission to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Since our partnership, some children have learned to surf, while others took their very first Disney Cruise.

Loyola University Chicago


The Oncology Research Institute at Loyola University houses hundreds of research projects. We support the ongoing work of Dr. Jose Guevara-Patiño, MD, PhD, and his team, as they strive forward in their research using the immune system to battle cancer. 

American Red Cross


We support the Red Cross, and the focus of our support is the National Home Fire Campaign and the Disaster Relief, Education, and Health Assistance programs. In 2017, primary aid went to the communities affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Significant funding assistance also went to Mexico City, Mexico (CDMX), which was affected by a 7.1 earthquake on September 19, 2017. In 2018, we invested further in preparing for disaster relief efforts with the development of the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERM), which brings first aid, food, and supplies into the worst-hit areas after hurricanes and tropical storms.

Robin Hood Foundation


The Fund for Early Learning (FUEL) is an initiative that aims to identify and pilot innovative, scalable, and research-based early childhood interventions. These interventions will help build the cognitive, social, and emotional skills low-income children need to succeed in school and life. Pilots will be conducted in NYC – where there are more than 100,000 NYC children (ages 0-3) living in poverty – with the hopes that the most effective interventions can be scaled and implemented nationwide. With the help of RH, the future trajectories of children in NYC and nationwide will be optimized and their chances for success improved. 

Project Alianza


We support a women-run organization in Nicaragua and have helped the community build two primary schools equipped with a dining room, library, and two flushing toilets. All local materials and local labor were used, and the school serves all local and migrant students. Our schools include the purchase and delivery of over 5,000 books, as well as the support of a pilot e-learning program and after-school arts program. To deepen our involvement with the organization we signed on to support their Community Allies Program (CAP), which furthers their environmental education amongst the students they serve.

Lelt, Inc


In unique situations where organizations cover all administrative costs and every dollar raised goes towards programs, we can fully fund an entire project. This is the case in our partnership with Lelt, Inc., in which we helped establish a clean energy powered computer lab with 24 computers, internet access, an MIT-Graduate IT instructor, security, and technology education to disadvantaged youth in Ethiopia.

The Lord's Place


We support the general operational fund of this social impact organization. The Lord's Place is effective in providing creative resources, like job training and education, to homeless men, women, and families not just to meet their needs today, but to end their homelessness forever. They successfully combat poverty and homelessness in Palm Beach County, Florida by seeking safe and immediate housing as a first priority. 

University of Central Florida


The University of Central Florida is a thriving preeminent research university located in metropolitan Orlando. The ultimate goal of the university is to become a top-tier research institution by creating opportunity through access, partnerships, interdisciplinary collaborations, and engagement. We support Innovation Projects like Blackstone LaunchPad and the First Generation Scholarship Program. In 2018, we hosted our first Climate Conference, the first of its kind in the entire State of Florida.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


We support the work and ongoing research at St. Jude. The leading children's hospital is pioneering research and treatments for kids all over the U.S. and globally with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The hospital costs about $2.4 million a day to run, and St. Jude charges nothing for treatment and family and patient accommodations. We offer support for the research of Proton Therapy, in which precisely delivered, high-energy particles called protons are used to destroy or shrink tumors while minimizing damage to healthy tissue and organs. Research suggests proton beam therapy may be more useful for and better-tolerated by pediatric cancers over conventional radiation.

Waimanalo Canoe Club of Honolulu, Hawaii


Our partnership supports students as they participate, learn about, and share in Hawaiian cultural activities. The club works with the Department of Education in Hawaii to do educational outreach that teaches about Hawaii's rich culture and history. They also work to preserve Hawaii's environment by coming together and hosting clean-ups. One of our most important initiatives with Waimanalo is supporting internal team-building, health, and wellness activities. 

The Miracle League of Palm Beach County


We embarked upon the development and groundbreaking of the first all-inclusive playground in Delray Beach, Florida along with The Miracle League of Palm Beach County. The initiative, known as Boundless Dreams, is a place where children of all abilities can play together, improving physical and emotional well-being. Unique features of the Boundless Dreams Playground include an Americans with Disabilities Act ramp, specialized rubber surfacing, equipment for spinning and sliding, sensory play panels, and sun protection. In 2018, this project is complete and open to the community. 

Harvard Health Nutrition


The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is a world-renowned institution for health and nutrition research. As public health is a lesser known effect of climate change, we deem this partnership necessary. We support the research of Walter C. Willett, M.D., Dr. P.H., Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition, which focuses on cognitive decline research and dementia and the role nutrition may play in the rate of cognitive descent. Dr. Willett is a best-selling author and wrote: “Eat, Drink and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating.”

Ohio State University


Our partnership with the Ohio State University supports the research of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center. For 30 years, research partners Lonnie Thompson (Ph.D., geology, 1976) and Ellen Mosley-Thompson (Ph.D., geography, 1979) have traveled the globe gathering clues to get a more definitive picture of our planet’s climate system. Our support goes specifically to fund one of their educational excursions to the Peruvian Andes to research the Quelccaya Ice Cap.

University of California - Irvine


VoLo Foundation supports the University of California- Irvine’s cutting edge genetic research. Directly, we encourage the continued dedicated research of Inclusion Body Myopathy at the Kimonis Laboratory, which is lead by Dr. Virginia Kimonis. The Kimonis Laboratory focuses on rare muscle diseases and has the expertise to perform all the necessary studies that will ultimately lead to a treatment of patients with this unique progressive disease for which there is no cure currently. 

Everglades Foundation


Everglades Foundation envisions an Everglades with abundant fresh water for consumption, enjoyment, ecological health and economic growth for generations to come. They work to protect and restore America’s Everglades through science, advocacy and education. The Foundation's work focuses on water quality, policy and advocacy, educating the next generation, and progressive innovation. 




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