Meet the VoLo Team

We are scientists, lawyers, philanthropic professionals, community leaders, and innovative thinkers. Half of us quantify the research and results and the other half interact with the community. We are deeply passionate about the health and wellness of our planet and we believe that data-driven research can accelerate change in our world.

David S. Vogel, Founder/Trustee

“David is known as one of the best in the field in building predictive models.” –Bloomberg

David is a world-renowned data mining and predictive modeling expert. Having won numerous data science awards, he has earned international recognition for his predictive modeling accuracy. To understand the versatility of his predictive techniques, one must consider the prestigious KDD Cup and the Heritage Health Prize award, which he has won several times. He is the Founder and CEO of Voloridge Investment Management, LLC, an award-winning quantitative hedge fund that owes its success, in part, to his predictive modeling expertise. He has been expertly quoted in Bloomberg, Barron’s, ThinkTech and others on charitable and financial topics and he regularly presents research and data at conferences and institutes worldwide. He currently serves as Board Member to Environmental Defense Fund, JUST Capital, and Amplio. David has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Scientific Computing from New York University. 

Thais Lopez Vogel, Founder/Trustee

"Thais is a powerhouse for change. She sets goals and achieves them with intelligent passion."

Thais is a native of Caracas, Venezuela. Before moving to the United States, she worked for Petroleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anonima (PDVSA), a Venezuelan State oil company and the 39th largest company in the world. As our Trustee, Thais is responsible for setting priorities, approving strategies and allocating resources. She envisions VoLo playing a leadership role in expanding awareness of environmental issues.  Her focus is expansive to include childhood education and global health care, which she believes are core building blocks for a sustainable future. As a mother of six, she aims to set our goals and values as an extension of the principles she instills in her children. She is a member of the Tiffany Circle at the American Red Cross, a board member for Water People Theater in Chicago, and also participates in several local community-focused committee groups in the Palm Beach area. Thais attended school at Colegio Emil Friedman and received her law degree from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello.

Abigail Axelrod, Program Director

Abigail is a natural leader and long-time professional in the nonprofit sector. She specializes in organizational management and policy/protocol development. She worked as an adjunct assistant professor and lecturer at distinguished institutions, like Old Dominion University and The Governor's School for the Arts. Her professional history is decorated with years of service to nonprofits across several fields including education, healthcare, and the arts. She is well trained, with expertise in the creation, strategy, operations, and daily management of nonprofit organizations. Abigail is effective in how she executes the Trustees’ priorities and in how she brings our mission to life. She is committed to strengthening our capacity through the development of goal-oriented procedures and protocols, and she maintains meaningful relationships with our programs. She is a member of Impact the Palm Beaches and also volunteers for several local community-focused organizations in the Palm Beach area. Abigail attended Florida State University before earning a First Class Honors Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. She also holds a Masters Degree from Winthrop University in South Carolina.

Shannon Maganiezin, Communications Director

Shannon is a creative content developer and manages our public communication. She is responsible for marketing and press strategy, including building out and maintaining our web and social platforms. She executes our mission by spreading the messages, important research, and findings gained by our programs.  She is skilled at creating web/SEO content, original articles, press releases and inquiries, social posts, newsletters, social ads, and so much more. Her experience began 16 years ago in product development and sales strategy for As Seen On TV products. After that she spent 10 years as Marketing Director for commercial and residential real estate development companies. She’s also logged a couple years in event planning and has hosted award-winning events for clients like Microsoft Office 365, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, NBCUniversal, and many more. With a deep understanding of consumer psychology and detailed organization her work is cutting-edge, moving and effective. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science dual degree in Psychology and Sociology from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Andrew Stevenson, Advisor

Andrew is the Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at JUST Capital, a company that ranks the largest publicly traded U.S. corporations on worker pay and treatment, customer respect, product quality and environmental impact. Prior to JUST Capital, he was a Macro Portfolio Manager at Citadel Asset Management's Global Fixed Income Fund. Additionally he has over twenty years of experience working for investment banks in London and Tokyo. Before that he gained significant experience as Portfolio Manager for Brevan Howard AM and JWP Partners, U.S. His experience also includes eight years as an advisor to and employee of the National Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit focused on energy, health and climate-related policy and governance issues. He has served as an advisor to ClimateWorks on the topic of impact investing and speaks at Columbia Law School and Congressional Briefings on issues related to climate finance. As our Advisor, he is responsible for helping us execute our mission, specifically as it relates to climate change. 

Andrew has a Bachelor degree from the University of Michigan.

Christopher Schnyer, Advisor

Christopher joined our team following a successful twenty-year career in nonprofit management and public policy research. Three of those years were spent as a project manager/research associate in the health unit of the RAND Corporation. While there his work focused on clinical quality and performance measurement. The previous five years were spent at the Institute for Health Policy Solutions where he expanded affordable health coverage for working families in California. He also spent two years as an independent nonprofit management consultant in Boston, MA. He is currently a data analyst for Voloridge Investment Management. As our Advisor, he is responsible for helping us execute our mission. He brings his many years of experience to our roundtable by offering meaningful feedback and constructive advice. Christopher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Linguistics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the Goldman School at the University of California, Berkeley.

Robert Harding, Consultant

Robert is a corporate attorney and founder of Harding Law.  He has spent over 15 years working for startup companies in various management level roles.  Robert prides himself on a career built upon helping others pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.  A lifelong environmentalist, he was active in both the Save the Earth Club in high school as well as the Yale Student Environmental Coalition in college.  Robert majored in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Studies at Yale University before earning his Doctorate of Jurisprudence at the King Hall School of Law at UC Davis.  The need to identify effective solutions in alternative energy and sustainable business practices has never been more imperative.  Robert feels strongly that startup companies are uniquely situated to drive viable solutions in the time-sensitive fight to reverse climate change.  He is committed to leveraging his background and experience to help accelerate the impact of innovative startups targeting global greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration.     

Nat Yee, Research Fellow

Nathaniel Yee is a student at the University of San Diego and is originally from Honolulu. He is passionate about the environment, specifically ocean climate change and the impacts it will have on marine life along with the lives of those that live near the water. He is doing research this summer for Volo Foundation helping to answer questions on climate change, carbon emissions, along with health and nutrition.


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