In 2018 we developed research and isolated data sets to create some simple graphics and messages. Our social community engaged heavily with these posts and we have compiled the most popular charts and messages below.

Number 1:

We can see that CO2 is climbing every year. People argue about the source of this CO2 and using numbers published from the energy companies, the math shows human-related activity is 100% responsible for this increase.

Number 2:

Earth and the Moon sit the same distance to the Sun, yet the Moon is -3F and Earth is 59F. This is because greenhouse gases in the natural amount of two trillion tons traps enough heat in Earth’s atmosphere to keep us from freezing to death. However, currently, greenhouse gases are up to three trillion tons, causing warming to levels never before seen on this planet.

Number 3:

From the Data Scientist Corner, David S. Vogel explains what 300 Billion tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere REALLY means.

Number 4:

Sweden takes the lead on the global battle against climate change. More than half of Sweden’s national energy supply comes from renewable sources and a progressive legislation is focused on substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many of our policy makers believe it will be cost-prohibitive to drawdown greenhouse gas emissions, however, this chart proves the opposite. As CO2 emissions decrease, the Real Gross Domestic Product increases in inverse proportion.

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