Meet Vida


Let me introduce myself: my name is “Vida” and I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I work with VoLo Foundation. 

My job is to raise awareness about the planet’s feelings and needs. 

I think I got the perfect job, because I like science, I enjoy investigating and traveling. 

To do my job I help myself with my binoculars, which allow me to see everything that interests me, no matter how far away it is. 

I also rely on my skates, thanks to which I travel at full speed to any location for investigating any significant fact, regardless of the distance.  

I speak English and Spanish fluently. I’m studying French. I am interested in all cultures, because I learn from all of them. I also want to tell everyone about my discoveries on our planet. 

This enables me to make friends who assist me in researching and sharing stories about the Earth. 

I especially enjoy making friends with the little ones, because I like to play. I also enjoy sharing with the elderly, because they have a lot of wisdom and I always listen to them. 

I know there are people who don’t take me seriously, or who don’t believe what I say. But I don’t give up. I continue studying, researching and sharing what I learn. Whoever doesn’t want to listen to me today, maybe they will do it tomorrow. 

I invite you to carefully follow what VoLo Foundation is doing. Through them you will know more about me very soon!

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