Policy can be the catalyst that will usher in a new era of climate-minded legislation. According to the Environmental Voter Project, as many as 15 million environmentalists don’t vote. We encourage you to use your voice and your vote to advocate for our environment and our future. Vote green, and vote on behalf of climate solutions.

Together we can impart change for the future of our environment. You can get involved by voting and supporting legislation that imparts change for our planet.

Tips for voting:

1. Be sure you are registered to vote.
2. As a registered voter, U.S. citizens have the option to vote in person or by absentee ballot, even when located overseas. Know your options for voting. 
3. Know key dates, deadlines for voting registration, absentee ballot requests and in-person voting. If voting in-person, confirm your local polling location and hours.
4. Learn about candidates in your area and where they stand on climate change.

Below are resources to help you get the full picture. Ask the questions that matter and be an informed voter on election day.


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