Season 1, Episode 6: 7 Pillars to Creating Sustainable Climate Change Action – Chris Castro, City of Orlando

Director of Sustainability and Resilience for the City of Orlando, Chris Castro, shares their mission to accelerate change and global impact by supporting science-based climate change solutions, enhancing education, and improving health. Castro crafted the first community-action plan for the Green Works office. This was their first attempt at developing a comprehensive city-wide plan and establishing clear goals, targets, and strategies.

Sustainable actions are rooted in 7 key focus areas/pillars:

  • Clean Energy
  • Green buildings
  • Local food systems
  • Zero waste
  • Livability
  • Clean water
  • Multi-modal transportation

There are 3 themes they look for related to developing policies:

  • Social equity
  • Climate resilience
  • Smart infrastructure

Castro shares how these actions benefit the bottom line of not just businesses, but also homeowners, and shares ways that we can help feel the impact.

Chris believes that we replicate what we celebrate. By sharing our wins, we encourage other communities to implement similar strategies and work together to bring about lasting change.


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